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With more than 6 years of experience in the industry, Unique Ink is as seasoned as we come. Our expertise lies with Bridal Makeup & Ball Makeup, combining simple beauty with touches of glamour and timeless elegance to ensure that you look your best on your special day, or weather you need a Ball Makeup and hair combo or may be just a lovely ‘hair up’ style to complement your dress. We enjoy making brides feel confident and comfortable on their special day. For Unique Ink, finding the perfect balance between enhancing one’s natural features and adding elements that complement them is the key to creating a classy look. You will feel and look beautiful, and your inner beauty will shine through in the photos at your special event. Your makeup will stay fresh and last throughout your special event , and it will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about. We are highly dedicated to our work, only using high-end products that we have put through the test of years of use, tried and trusted to the very core. Therefore dedicated to bringing you impeccable service and attention to detail on your special occasion or parties, full of love for the craft and creativity.

Why are professional hair and makeup the perfect solution for you?

Some days and special occasions demand the diva in you to come out and take on the world. Getting professional hair and makeup for such purposes can do magic.

  • Professional hair and makeup are great at leaving beautiful beauty corrections on your appearance.
  • With good professional makeup, you can get enhanced detailing to your beautification which leaves a lasting impression on people you meet.
  • A well-finished hair and makeup make you feel confident and self-motivated on the day you’re supposed to look well-groomed.

Why is Unique Ink Hair and Beauty the perfect solution for you?

  • Well experienced expertise. We have made ourselves your beauty problem-solving destination by our years of expertise. Hence we know better how to take care of individual clients.
  • Careful client handling. We know how to take care of the needs of all our clients. Thus we tend to meet the expectations of all our clients so that they can have the satisfaction they want from us. While doing your makeup we do some quick hairdos, eyebrow threading Mandurah etc. that necessarily complement your make-up.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. We ensure that you are getting the value for the money you’re paying us. Hence we ensure to add proper detailing to the makeup and beautiful finishing to your hairdos to enhance the point of satisfaction.
  • Long-lasting makeup and hair. We ensure that your makeup stays for a long time and your hair remains as beautiful as you are for the whole time you are attending a function, wedding or party. We make use of all the best makeup rituals that help you stay pretty for a long time.
  • Best quality products. During the process of beautifying your skin and hair we ensure that you are not encountering any harmful products. Thus, we always use the best quality makeup and hair products that perfectly suit your skin and hair while leaving a beautiful effect.
  • Team of beauty experts. When you are looking for the best hair and makeup near me our team of beauty and hair experts is always here to have your back. They are simply amazing at handling all your beauty needs by applying multiple processes and best practices.


Eyelash extensions give you the look of thicker and longer lashes. If you have a busy and active lifestyle (or if you just want to focus on more important things than your beauty regime). They could change your life. When professionally designed by a certified eyelash extensions technician at Unique Ink, we will open your eyes and frame your fact. At Unique Ink, our expert lash artists conduct thorough consultations with every client to help determine what length, curl, and shape would best suit the client’s eyes, taking into consideration both your style preference and the current health of your natural eyelashes. Check out the amazing USPs below while availing the service!

  • Save time on your beauty regime
  • More time for yourself, kids, exercise and family
  • Look naturally radiant & beautiful
  • Minimal Effort
  • Be camera and photo-ready all the time

Why is eyelash extension the perfect treatment for your unattractive lashes?

The eyelash extensions Mandurah is currently one of the most popular beauty trends and is getting followed by a lot of people. But why? Here are the reasons.

  • A lash extension job is the perfect painless and natural solution to retain the volume of your brows.
  • A good eyelash extension Mandurah offers you nice and chic results quite instantly that quickly enhance the beautiful features in you.
  • A good eyelash extension, lash curling, and lash brow tinting helps you to get your desired eyes with a natural-looking aura quite easily.
  • It takes no need to add any mascara or false lashes when you get ready for the day.
  • Your lashes look picture perfect and naturally volumized all the time.
  • A good eyelash extension near me helps you to have youthfulness in your look all the time.

Why choose us?

  • Natural-looking results every time. Unique Ink Hair and Beauty ensures you the proper natural-looking beautiful results with your eyelash extension every time. We make sure the lash extension suits your entire appearance in the best way possible.
  • Best quality lashes. While enhancing the luster and volume of your lashes we ensure we are using the best ones which can leave a satisfactory result after every treatment.
  • A range of services. When you need us to fix your lashes, we ensure that we are offering you the best range of services. From eyelash extending, and lash curling to careful lash removal we do it all for you.
  • Long-lasting results. We help you to create a lasting impression all the time by offering you pretty long-lasting results with the eyelash extensions Mandurah. We make use of all the best practices which efficiently last long on your eyes by rendering a beautiful luster in your overall look.


We maintain professionalism and perfection by offering dedicated and several types of facial treatment for our clients. We treat your skin very carefully as it is the most sensitive part of your body. We apply facial treatment according to the type and texture of your skin. We apply the best quality products on your delicate skin and follow step by step facial process to polish and enhance the look of your skin. Our excellent solution works wonder to enhance your skin texture and makes it more beautiful, flawless, smooth, moisturised, glowing and youthful.
The entire team proves its high efficiency level in serving the clients. We are specialized to provide you one of the best skin treatment solutions in and around Mandurah. Get a perfect and glowing skin with our guaranteed, professional and reliable facial services like LED facial treatment, dermaplanning, microdermabrasion, microneedling etc. Maintain your skin in the best way by getting a unique skin treatment and facial service from us. Feel free to call us 0478796014 for booking your slot.

What are the benefits of facials Mandurah?

Do you know there are more than one magical benefits that a facial can offer to you? Good facials Mandurah include more than one efficient benefit which can rejuvenate your skin in multiple ways.

  • Good facial initiates improved blood circulation under the face skin. It helps your face to renew its skin cells.
  • The thorough skin message that you receive during the facial helps decrease fluid buildup or puffiness which comes from the lymphatic system.
  • A good facial near me helps to achieve enhanced blood circulation which ultimately improves oxygen, nutrition and protein circulation to the skin.
  • Opting for a regular facial helps in removing toxins from the skin for better improvement.
  • Moreover, a good facial is beneficial in slowing down the aging effects.

Why are we the best destination for you?

  • Facial experts. Our team of facial experts are great at dealing with multiple skin types. From sensitive to normal, dry or oily skin, we are good at handling all types of skin textures to offer you a satisfactory service.
  • Wide variety of facials. To ease out your search for the best and wide variety of facials near me we ensure that we are covering all the types of facials that suit your skin best. From classical facial, LED light therapy, antioxidant facial to acne reduction facial, lymphatic massage facial etc. we offer you all.
  • Best quality facial products. While offering you a deep cleaning and relaxing facial we ensure that you are getting cared for with the best quality products. At Unique Ink Hair and Beauty we make use of all those products which are deeply nourishing and cause no irritation.
  • Personalized treatment for your skin. We understand how much different your skin’s needs are from the other person. Thus we offer you a very personalized facial treatment that nicely suits your face type and nourishes you deeply. Whether you want a bridal glow or you want naturally enhanced skin you always get a good facial with your nice hair and makeup.

Cosmetic Tattos

We are proud to offer you a wide range of cosmetic tattoos, we specialise in. Clients who are looking for feather touch, ombre brow, lip tattoo, top or bottom eyeliner and many more, they can expect a natural looking and long-lasting result by getting connected with us and experiencing our job. Our expert team deals with inherent skill and artistic ability which ensures guaranteed and professional result for our customers. Our expert tattooists have outstanding skills to create permanent or semi permanent make over with modern machines, ink or tattoo gun.

  • The new trend with cosmetic tattoo gives you a complete, defined and rich look. We deliver the exquisite solutions to create the eyebrow shapes.
  • Our expertise team creates a long-lasting effect by improving the definition of eyes, eyebrows and lips.
  • The outcome depends on the skill of using the technique and it is also based on the facts of client’s adaptability.
  • We make your dream come true by giving the best definition to your eyeliners, lips and eyebrows, hence your overall outlook. Our highly trained professionals know how to blend skill and craftsmanship with passion.

Define your beauty with our professional cosmetic tattoo work. We are committed to serve you with the a reliable and affordable makeover.

Why is a cosmetic tattoo the beauty treatment you need to have now?

Cosmetic tattoo, the highly anticipated beauty treatment has become a popular trend. The process of adding iron oxide tinting to your skin is gaining popularity due to all the right reasons.

  • First of all, with a cosmetic tattoo Mandurah you get a beautiful permanent result for a long time.
  • If you have a cosmetic tattoo, you can go make-up free all the time. Your naturally beautiful and tinted lips, brows, and eyes will do the job nicely.
  • In case of impairments, the cosmetic tattoo trends assist you at your best. It enhances the lustre of your appearance.
  • It takes zero maintenance once you get the cosmetic tattoo done from us. There’s no need to follow a rigorous maintenance routine on a regular basis.
  • Getting a cosmetic tattoo reduces your need of applying chemical-infused makeup and makes you look beautiful all the time.

What do we bring to the table?

  • Beautiful end results. If you are looking for the best quality cosmetic tattoo near me then we can be the best destination for you. All we offer is beautiful and highly professional end results that look gorgeous.
  • Best affordable price. All our services including lash brow tinting and cosmetic tattoo are highly affordable that fit your budget quite easily.
  • Use of best quality tools. We ensure that your skin stays amazing when you get treatment from us. Hence we make use of the best quality tools that help in stylizing your skin quite conveniently.
  • Top-notch hygiene. We take care of proper hygienic practices while attending you. We properly clean and sterilize our tools after each use which ensures there are no infections hitting your skin.


We are committed to provide high customer satisfaction through our expert threading service. We deal with quality threading solution by shaping your eyebrow and removing excessive hair from your face, neck, sideburns, chin and lips. Our pricing for threading service is pretty reasonable and our caring way of doing the work fits perfectly with your requirement. Unique Ink Hair & Beauty is a one-stop solution where customers are served and cared in a highly professional and efficient way. The entire team has proved their high level of efficiency to make all clients look beautiful. Client satisfaction is the password and core strategy of our beauty services. Enhancing our client’s physical appearance is an oath that is taken by our team and to make them highly satisfied.

Now this is the time to change yourself and so, give a proper look to yourself with a perfect threading service. Remove the excessive hair from your face and shape eyebrows to pamper your beauty with a touch of excellence. Feel free to call us on 0478796014 or click for booking your slot.

What are the beauty benefits of threading Mandurah?

  • Threading has umpteen benefits in giving you the perfect look you keep longing for. Here are the benefits to swear for.
  • Threading is better than tweezing any day. It is not only quick enough but also offers better precision to the plucking job.
  • You do not have to deal with any hot wax or harmful bleaches. The process is completely skin-safe.
  • Based on your hair growth frequency, threading will last longer-up to 4-8 weeks.
  • Threading makes things easier and quicker to remove large patches of hair while causing no irritation to your skin.
  • The procedure of eyebrow threading Mandurah successfully removes your hair without doing any damage to the top layer of your skin.
    It becomes easier to get that perfect browline when you do threading from professional hands.

Expert beauticians! Beauticians who work with us have strong-rooted knowledge in threading. Our beauticians use the ideal technique which makes the entire job comfortable for you while leaving a beautiful result.Natural-looking skin! Nothing can beat the beauty of well-trimmed yet natural-looking brows, face, neckline, sideburn and upper lips. Our beauticians tend to attain fine precision with their works so that your natural beauty is retained with a well-groomed touch.Careful and painless! Our beauticians ensure that you are going through almost a painless treatment while threading. Hence, they use proper techniques and materials which makes the entire process feel comfy.Hygienic! We ensure to stay completely hygienic while dealing with your threading Mandurah. We care for you and your skin. Hence we ensure that all the tools we are using are properly sterilized and safe to your beautiful skin.


We are offering wide range of waxing services for our all customers. Our entire team is specialized and dedicated to serve you with the best, reliable waxing service that helps you to get a flawless and glowing skin. Our waxing service helps you to escape the excessive growth of hair from your different parts of skin. We make your dream come true by pampering your beauty with a highly professional touch of our service. Its always a good feeling to get a smoother skin with our high quality waxing solution. Our team is ready to serve you with the best waxing solutions.
We offer you multiple waxing services like Brazilian, Bikini, Lower Half Leg, and Full leg, Under Arm, Half Arm, Eyebrows, Lip, Chin, Full Face and Sides of Face. Our reliable and hassle free waxing service helps you to get a flawless and glowing skin which is free from unwanted hairs. We use the best quality waxing products to apply on your delicate skin. After waxing, you will not get any skin irritation issue and any kind of sensation of burning issue. We never fail our commitment to serve

Why should you go for a good waxing?

  • Why would you say yes to a good Waxing Mandurah? Well, we have so many reasons to show you. Here are the benefits of a great waxing that we offer you.
  • Waxing means no harmful bleach or chemicals. All you get is a purely natural process to get rid of your unwanted body hair.
  • With good waxing, you get a gentle yet effective exfoliation that helps you to get rid of your dead skin cells so easily and have a smooth and healthy skin texture.
  • With good waxing, you get a gentle yet effective exfoliation that helps you to get rid of your dead skin cells so easily and have a smooth and healthy skin texture.
    Regular waxing helps your hair to grow sparser and finer.
  • The hair regrowth frequency is very low when you wax your legs. All you get is lovely, beautiful skin for a long time.
    Unlike shaving, waxing offers you less prickliness and itching.
  • Moreover, there is simply no threat of cuts or chemical rashes with the waxing Mandurah service provided by us.

Why choose us?

  • Variety of waxing services! Our waxing services include a wide range of options starting from Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, and underarm waxing to full body waxing.
  • Almost painless! We tend to stay convenient and comfortable for you. Hence we offer you an almost painless waxing service which lies in the efficacy of techniques used by our staff.
  • No irritation. We understand what your skin means to you. It also means a lot to us when you trust in us and come to Unique Ink Hair and Beauty. Thus we ensure that there are no burns or irritations bothering your skin after you get a waxing from us.
  • Eyebrow waxing Mandurah. We tend to offer you the exclusive service of eyebrow waxing at Mandurah. For those customers who feel waxing is a better treatment for their bushy eyebrows, we offer them a quick eyebrow waxing apart from our standard service of eyebrow threading Mandurah.
  • Affordable waxing. Whether it is your full body waxing or it is simply a quick facial hair waxing, our rates are always highly affordable for all sorts of services.