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With more than 6 years of experience in the industry, Unique Ink is as seasoned as we come. Our expertise lies with Bridal Makeup & Ball Makeup, combining simple beauty with touches of glamour and timeless elegance to ensure that you look your best on your special day, or weather you need a Ball Makeup and hair combo or may be just a lovely ‘hair up’ style to complement your dress. We enjoy making brides feel confident and comfortable on their special day. For Unique Ink, finding the perfect balance between enhancing one’s natural features and adding elements that complement them is the key to creating a classy look. You will feel and look beautiful, and your inner beauty will shine through in the photos at your special event. Your makeup will stay fresh and last throughout your special event , and it will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about. We are highly dedicated to our work, only using high-end products that we have put through the test of years of use, tried and trusted to the very core. Therefore dedicated to bringing you impeccable service and attention to detail on your special occasion or parties, full of love for the craft and creativity.

Why are professional hair and makeup the perfect solution for you?

Some days and special occasions demand the diva in you to come out and take on the world. Getting professional hair and makeup for such purposes can do magic.

  • Professional hair and makeup are great at leaving beautiful beauty corrections on your appearance.
  • With good professional makeup, you can get enhanced detailing to your beautification which leaves a lasting impression on people you meet.
  • A well-finished hair and makeup make you feel confident and self-motivated on the day you’re supposed to look well-groomed.

Why is Unique Ink Hair and Beauty the perfect solution for you?

  • Well experienced expertise. We have made ourselves your beauty problem-solving destination by our years of expertise. Hence we know better how to take care of individual clients.
  • Careful client handling. We know how to take care of the needs of all our clients. Thus we tend to meet the expectations of all our clients so that they can have the satisfaction they want from us. While doing your makeup we do some quick hairdos, eyebrow threading Mandurah etc. that necessarily complement your make-up.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction. We ensure that you are getting the value for the money you’re paying us. Hence we ensure to add proper detailing to the makeup and beautiful finishing to your hairdos to enhance the point of satisfaction.
  • Long-lasting makeup and hair. We ensure that your makeup stays for a long time and your hair remains as beautiful as you are for the whole time you are attending a function, wedding or party. We make use of all the best makeup rituals that help you stay pretty for a long time.
  • Best quality products. During the process of beautifying your skin and hair we ensure that you are not encountering any harmful products. Thus, we always use the best quality makeup and hair products that perfectly suit your skin and hair while leaving a beautiful effect.
  • Team of beauty experts. When you are looking for the best hair and makeup near me our team of beauty and hair experts is always here to have your back. They are simply amazing at handling all your beauty needs by applying multiple processes and best practices.

Our Recent works


  • Glam Makeup
  • Glam Makeup + Hair Styling
  • Glam Makeup + Half Tie
  • Glam Makeup + Bun
  • Glam Makeup + Braid

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