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Get the Perfect Look with Cosmetic Tattooing in Mandurah

We are proud to offer you a wide range of cosmetic tattoos, we specialise in. Clients who are looking for feather touch, ombre brow, lip tattoo, top or bottom eyeliner and many more, they can expect a natural looking and long-lasting result by getting connected with us and experiencing our job. Our expert team deals with inherent skill and artistic ability which ensures guaranteed and professional result for our customers. Our expert tattooists have outstanding skills to create permanent or semi permanent make over with modern machines, ink or tattoo gun.

  • The new trend with cosmetic tattoo gives you a complete, defined and rich look. We deliver the exquisite solutions to create the eyebrow shapes.
  • Our expertise team creates a long-lasting effect by improving the definition of eyes, eyebrows and lips.
  • The outcome depends on the skill of using the technique and it is also based on the facts of client’s adaptability.
  • We make your dream come true by giving the best definition to your eyeliners, lips and eyebrows, hence your overall outlook. Our highly trained professionals know how to blend skill and craftsmanship with passion.

Define your beauty with our professional cosmetic tattoo work. We are committed to serve you with the a reliable and affordable makeover.

Why is a cosmetic tattoo the beauty treatment you need to have now?

Cosmetic tattoo, the highly anticipated beauty treatment has become a popular trend. The process of adding iron oxide tinting to your skin is gaining popularity due to all the right reasons.

  • First of all, with a cosmetic tattoo Mandurah you get a beautiful permanent result for a long time.
  • If you have a cosmetic tattoo, you can go make-up free all the time. Your naturally beautiful and tinted lips, brows, and eyes will do the job nicely.
  • In case of impairments, the cosmetic tattoo trends assist you at your best. It enhances the lustre of your appearance.
  • It takes zero maintenance once you get the cosmetic tattoo done from us. There’s no need to follow a rigorous maintenance routine on a regular basis.
  • Getting a cosmetic tattoo reduces your need of applying chemical-infused makeup and makes you look beautiful all the time.

What do we bring to the table?

  • Beautiful end results. If you are looking for the best quality cosmetic tattoo near me then we can be the best destination for you. All we offer is beautiful and highly professional end results that look gorgeous.
  • Best affordable price. All our services including lash brow tinting and cosmetic tattoo are highly affordable that fit your budget quite easily.
  • Use of best quality tools. We ensure that your skin stays amazing when you get treatment from us. Hence we make use of the best quality tools that help in stylizing your skin quite conveniently.
  • Top-notch hygiene. We take care of proper hygienic practices while attending you. We properly clean and sterilize our tools after each use which ensures there are no infections hitting your skin.

Our Recent works


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  • Ombre Combination
  • Lip Tattoo
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  • Bottom Eyeliner
  • Top & Bottom Eyeliner

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