Ombre/Powder Brow

What is The Ombre Brow – The wise actor Jack Black once said that we should never underestimate the power of the eyebrow. He was not wrong. Eyebrows shape and frame our face and are instrumental in conveying our every emotion. Grooming our eyebrows has been central to our beauty regimes for centuries. From the beautifully painted eyebrows of ancient Egyptian princes and princesses, to Marilyn Monroe’s famously arched brow, to the bold eyebrow of the 21st century, the world has always been obsessed with eyebrows. As our interests in eyebrows continue to change and evolve, so too do the methods we use to create them. One of the most popular ways of shaping our brows in today’s world is to use semi-permanent makeup techniques that ensure our brows are always on fleek – even when we’re sleeping! There a number of techniques that SPMU artists use to create the perfect brow. These include microblading and micropigmentation (otherwise known as the Ombre Brow technique). This article is going to focus particularly on the Ombre Brow technique and why it stands out as our favourite SPMU procedure for brows.

So what actually are Ombre Brows? 

The Ombre Brow is designed to create a natural and soft looking brow. Rather than using a block colour throughout the entire brow, the Ombre Brow technique uses a soft diluted colour at the front of the brow and then slowly increases the gradient to produce a darker colour at the tail of the brow. The result: a soft, misty and fluffy finish which compliments the natural shape and colour of the brow, giving it great depth and definition.  The Ombre Brow technique will heal to reveal very natural results which last up to three years, providing aftercare is carried out correctly. The Ombre Brow is not only the perfect technique for creating a natural looking brow but can be tailored to suit the needs for each individual client.

How is it done?

Instead of mimicking hair strokes and using fine lines, the Ombre Brow technique utilises dots of pigments instead, more in line with traditional tattooing. These small dots allow colour to gradually build up to reveal a more desirable ombre effect.

What is involved in looking after Ombre Brows after the initial procedure?

It is very important that you follow the aftercare advice given to you by your technician. The aftercare instructions you will receive will vary from technician to technician, but the healing process usually involves just sitting back and waiting for your brows to heal naturally. For the best results, clients should avoid sweating, extreme sun exposure, facial skin treatments and putting excessive makeup around the brows for at least a fortnight. It is also essential to keep your new brows nice and clean to avoid interrupting the healing process.

What are the risks of SPMU Ombre Brow procedures?

If you find a reliable, skilled and well-trained technician who is aware of your skin type and/or any issues with your skin, then having a SPMU procedure should be a safe process. However, it is important to be aware that there are many technicians out there who have not been trained to a suitable level. Therefore, you should always do your research and choose the right technician for your needs. And remember, the cheapest option is never the best option! Paying a little bit more for your first procedure is better than having to fork out a load of money later down the line for corrective work.

How does the Ombre Brow technique differ from other SPMU processes, such as microblading?

Microblading is one of the other major SPMU techniques used in the aesthetic industry. A lot of people want to know the difference between the Ombre Brow technique and microblading and what results to expect from each process. Here’s a brief summary of the differences between microblading and micropigmentation (another name for the Ombre Brow).

Why is having ombre brows always a great idea?

Those perfectly dense and colored eyebrows are not anymore harder to get. Advanced beauty techniques like ombre brows Mandurah create a revolutionary change in beauty trends which is changing the way we look at beautification.

  • The treatment of ombre powder brows nicely suits any skin type while leaving a very even looking beautiful end result.
  • A good ombre brow can last up to 5 long years reducing any need to spend plenty of bucks on eyebrow maintenance.
  • Getting ombre brows Mandurah helps you to achieve those nicely done, well-shaped, and well-defined eyebrows which are beautiful.
  • The ombre powder brows technique is less painful than other techniques like micro-blading for brow enhancement.
  • The ombre brow technique is comparatively less invasive than any other form of brow enhancement.

How Unique Ink Hair and Beauty can help you?

A painless treatment. Just like lash brow tinting, we offer you our services of ombre brows Mandurah which is completely painless and comfortable enough.

Natural-looking brows. We offer you brow enhancing in a much-advanced technique that ensures highly natural-looking brows.

High precision finishing. While decking up your eyebrows we ensure the best-looking finishing with higher precision both shape-wise and density-wise.

Extremely professional beauticians. Our team of beauticians is great at offering you high-end services that you expect from a luxe beauty parlor. From caring for your eyebrows to enhancing your beauty, they do it all with great confidence.

Use of best tools. While working on your ombre brows Unique Ink Hair and Beauty ensures that you are getting served with the best quality tools only which are good to your skin and leave no irritation or inflammation afterward.

Long-lasting results. This semi-permanent beauty treatment, offered by us, tends to stay with you for a long time. Moreover, your brows require very little maintenance to rejuvenate the beauty of your brows.