We are offering wide range of waxing services for our all customers. Our entire team is specialized and dedicated to serve you with the best, reliable waxing service that helps you to get a flawless and glowing skin. Our waxing service helps you to escape the excessive growth of hair from your different parts of skin. We make your dream come true by pampering your beauty with a highly professional touch of our service. Its always a good feeling to get a smoother skin with our high quality waxing solution. Our team is ready to serve you with the best waxing solutions.

We offer you multiple waxing services like Brazilian, Bikini, Lower Half Leg, and Full leg, Under Arm, Half Arm, Eyebrows, Lip, Chin, Full Face and Sides of Face. Our reliable and hassle free waxing service helps you to get a flawless and glowing skin which is free from unwanted hairs. We use the best quality waxing products to apply on your delicate skin. After waxing, you will not get any skin irritation issue and any kind of sensation of burning issue. We never fail our commitment to serve you the best. Feel free to contact us on 0478796014 Or for booking your slot beforehand click the appointment link > https://bit.ly/3g6PdBv

Why should you go for a good waxing?

Why would you say yes to a good Waxing Mandurah? Well, we have so many reasons to show you. Here are the benefits of a great waxing that we offer you.

  • Waxing means no harmful bleach or chemicals. All you get is a purely natural process to get rid of your unwanted body hair.
  • With good waxing, you get a gentle yet effective exfoliation that helps you to get rid of your dead skin cells so easily and have a smooth and healthy skin texture.
  • With good waxing, you get a gentle yet effective exfoliation that helps you to get rid of your dead skin cells so easily and have a smooth and healthy skin texture.
  • Regular waxing helps your hair to grow sparser and finer.
  • The hair regrowth frequency is very low when you wax your legs. All you get is lovely, beautiful skin for a long time.
  • Unlike shaving, waxing offers you less prickliness and itching.
  • Moreover, there is simply no threat of cuts or chemical rashes with the waxing Mandurah service provided by us.

Why choose us?

Variety of waxing services! Our waxing services include a wide range of options starting from Brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, and underarm waxing to full body waxing.

Almost painless! We tend to stay convenient and comfortable for you. Hence we offer you an almost painless waxing service which lies in the efficacy of techniques used by our staff.

No irritation. We understand what your skin means to you. It also means a lot to us when you trust in us and come to Unique Ink Hair and Beauty. Thus we ensure that there are no burns or irritations bothering your skin after you get a waxing from us.

Eyebrow waxing Mandurah. We tend to offer you the exclusive service of eyebrow waxing at Mandurah. For those customers who feel waxing is a better treatment for their bushy eyebrows, we offer them a quick eyebrow waxing apart from our standard service of eyebrow threading Mandurah.

Affordable waxing. Whether it is your full body waxing or it is simply a quick facial hair waxing, our rates are always highly affordable for all sorts of services.

Our latest PRICELIST

  • Brazilian$50
  • Bikini$25
  • Lower Half Leg $30
  • Full Leg$40
  • Under$15
  • Full Arm$30
  • Half Arm$20
  • Eyebrow$14
  • Lip$8
  • Chin$8
  • Sides Of Face$20
  • Full Face$35
  • Neck$15