Threading & Waxing

Threading is an age-old technique of hair removal with the use of antibacterial cotton in a special way for removing facial hair and shaping up the eyebrows in a beautiful way, to enhance the looks. It allows us to remove unwanted hair with unmatched accuracy and precision. Face threading involves doubling and twisting a thin thread, then rolling the thread over the unwanted hairs. The friction of the twisted thread pulls the hair out at the root. This is quicker than plucking and less painful than waxing. While also creating less waste than waxing (no chemicals, wax, strips or mess), it is also gentler on your skin, leaving your skin smoother with less redness and irritation. No appointment is required for eyebrow threading. The process should take no longer than 15 minutes. While eyebrow threading may be the most popular, we also offer face threading for all other areas of the face such as upper lip, forehead, chin, sideburns as well as full-face threading which will leave your skin looking smooth and clear. Our team of highly skilled beauticians will tend to your brows, help you find your natural arch and create the best eyebrow shape for your face every time. Our very affordable price allow you to create and maintain your brow shape, empowering you to show the world your confidence.

Benefits Of Threading

  • This is a 100% natural hair removal method that does not involve the use of any wax or chemicals.
  • Eyebrow threading from a salon in Mandurah where we are located does not involve any pain unlike other methods or traditional threading. In fact, we are experienced and knowledgeable enough to come up with an absolutely painless process.
  • The process is astoundingly perfect and accurate as it is possible to remove even every individual hair or even minute sections of the hairline from the edge of your eyebrows. It is perfect for the removal of hormonal hair as well.
  • It does not have any adverse effects, or will not cause any burn, trauma and will not trigger off any allergic reactions like other removal methods. The skin also remains unaffected and does not turn bright red or swollen and hence, during the process a particular area of your brow can be ‘revisited’ for repeated removals till perfection is attained.
  • The process does not affect your skin. It only removes unwanted hair.


Enjoy silky smooth skin with waxing services by Unique Ink Hair and Beauty. We offer an extensive range of waxing services covering everything from full bikini waxing through to legs, underarms, lip, chin and more.

Our highly trained team of beauty therapists are dedicated to ensuring great results for every client. We operate smoothly and efficiently, making use of the best quality hair removal wax which is compatible with a wide range of skin types. We use high-quality waxes which deliver exceptional results whilst minimising skin irritation and discomfort, and we maintain strict hygiene standards which align with health department regulations. Our convenient Mandurah location makes us ideal for busy workers and commuters seeking a convenient and comfortable location for ladies waxing services. 

Benefits of Waxing

Waxing has numerous benefits and is a far safer and more effective choice than shaving. Most people choose to remove hair via waxing to achieve:

  • Smoother, softer skin with less irritation and ingrown hairs
  • Aesthetic Benefits and Improved Confidence
  • Fresher Feeling Skin
  • Skin Exfoliation
  • Hygiene Benefits

Best practices used threading and waxing near me:

Some of the best practices we swear by when we offer our services to our beautiful clients. Here are the best practices you can find out being used in Unique Ink Hair and Beauty.

  • Before threading and waxing we thoroughly perform a proper exfoliation on your skin. Exfoliating helps to reduce the growth of dry skin cells, flaky skin and ingrown hair.
  • Before we begin with your threading wax we opt for a complete skin cleansing which helps to reduce any kind of clogged pores.
  • We maintain a very smooth and steady process of threading which helps you to have a painless beauty in no time.
  • Unique Ink Hair and Beauty always uses best quality threads that perfectly plucks the hair out of your skin and causes no harshness or irritation to the skin.
  • While waxing we ensure that we are using completely natural products apart from any harmful sticky chemicals.
  • The entire waxing process is done using best quality papers to pull off the hair.

Why are we the best solution to all your threading and waxing related problems?

Almost painless procedure. When you get the threading wax from us, we ensure that you are feeling comfortable and less pain during the treatment. We make use of expert techniques which precisely remove hair out of your pores.

Long lasting results. The eyebrow threading mandurah and waxing services that you get from us, ensures a flawless skin texture for a long time with us. Our experts ensure the ultimate smoothness.

Understanding your requirements : We have a team of experts to understand your needs. We have customized our services so that everyone can afford it. Our team of expert technicians are always at your service.

Best Price : Your search for threading and waxing near me ends when you get the best price with threading and waxing. Moreover, apart from this, we also deal with services like  lash brow tinting.